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Mind and body therapy

"Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Mind and body therapy helps you improve both



What is mind & body therapy?   

Hi. I'm Marty.

I'm a cognitive behavioral therapist and health coach and work with people on a daily basis with issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD or who want to improve an unhealthy lifestyle.

Psychotherapy (a cognitive behavioural therapy approach) helps you understand how your thoughts and beliefs can influence how you feel and behave and how it contributes to you not feeling yourself.  

Health coaching helps you understand how changes in your lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, sleep, alcohol) can make a big impact in improving how you think, feel and function. 

How can mind and body therapy help you?


The condition most people reach out to me to help with is anxiety and this is because of the work we do to better manage your inner chimp which is often the lightbulb moment that makes people understand where their anxiety is coming from and why it is being maintained.

My job is to give you the knowledge and tools to overcome your anxiety.

My mission is to make you feel more like you again by improving both your mind and body to live a healthier an do happier life.


On the back of many clients making great progress and leaving fantastic feedback (such as on the overcome your anxiety - 6 week program here), mind and body therapy has won the prestige award for best health and wellbeing service in Scotland in both 2022 and 2023 which is a proud achievement and hopefully indicates the high quality of service I always aim to provide to my clients.


I offer a caring, warm and supportive environment for you to feel comfortable and safe to share whatever may be on your mind. Working together and through education, psychological tools, techniques and altered thinking patterns we can change how you see yourself, others and the world. This can lead to a significant improvement in self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

Some of the most commonly asked questions that brings someone along to mind and body therapy include: 

  • Why do I wake up in the morning with a constant sense of worry?  

  • Why do I often feel distracted and not fully present when around important people in my life?  

  • Why am I struggling to get out of bed in the morning with a lack of purpose and motivation?  

  • Why is there often a fear of meeting people and constantly avoiding situations?  

  • Why am I lacking energy and motivation and worry about what my unhealthy lifestyle may be doing to my health long term? 

You don’t have to feel like this. 

We can all feel any of these from time to time but if they are significantly affecting how you function each day, this is where mind and body therapy can help. 

Getting started

contact mindandbodytherapy.outlook (typically reponds withn the hour) to arrange a free 15 minute no obligation consultation.

Click here link to check out what services are available.


'Mind & Body Therapy is awesome! When I first met with Marty, I was pleasantly surprised at his holistic approach to mental health. Marty is extremely attentive throughout sessions and does a great job at creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment. I had tried CBT therapy once before but it wasn't until this time around that it clicked. Marty provided me with various tools to better handle my anxiety and overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend him!'

'I completed an 8 week course with Marty and cannot recommend him highly enough. Through his expertise in both physical and mental health he was able to help me formalise the vision I have for my future and establish concrete steps towards that vision.'

'As a recent client of Marty, I am grateful for the therapy sessions I had with him. He really helped me to explore and pin point the origins of the patterns of my negative thinking. He helped me develop coping strategies to get me through a difficult period of time and as a result of this I feel much more confident to deal with different situations as they arise.

Marty is very supportive counsellor and attentive and is not judgemental. A naturally empathetic person and I felt comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings as they came up in sessions. I found the structure of CBT was easy to follow and Marty helped me establish realistic goals.

If you are considering CBT Therapy for the first time or returning to therapy, I would gladly recommend Marty as a CBT Therapist.'

CONTACT (typically responds within the hour)

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