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My name is Marty.

I am a psychotherapist/councillor, health & wellbeing physiologist and health coach. I help individuals overcome difficulties and live better lives. I offer psychotherapy/counselling and health coaching online via Zoom. I specialise in mind and body therapy which is a new wave therapy that combines psychotherapy and personal training to improve how you think, feel and function each day.

I offer a caring, warm and supportive environment for you to feel comfortable and safe to share whatever may be on your mind. As your therapist I will carefully listen without judgement, aiming to help you explore the issues which matter to you, bringing insight and understanding to enable you to find your way through problems and dilemmas. Working collaboratively and through psychoeducation, therapeutic tools, techniques and altered thinking patterns we can change how you see yourself, others and the world. This can lead to a significant improvement in self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

As well as being a therapist, I’m a qualified health & wellbeing physiologist & personal trainer. My therapy sessions generally have a holistic approach which integrates mind & body through psychotherapy and health coaching (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, sleep). Since launching mind and body therapy (psychotherapy and personal training combined) over the past 2 years some of the notable improvements for clients compared to therapy alone have included; improving client symptoms faster, clients having greater overall success rate with treatment, better client satisfaction scores and less clients relapsing following therapy. Incorporating the personal training element is completely up to you however and not essential if you do not feel ready.


Over 14 years within health & wellbeing I have a PG diploma in counselling and groupwork - a cognitive behavioural therapy approach, MSc in physiology, BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and have been a qualified personal trainer for 14 years.

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