At mind and body therapy you will have unyielding support, care and encouragement with any service you choose. Please see below the current services available

Individual session


You'll have a 45 minute online zoom session and after completing an assessment and formulation will develop a treatment plan based around cognitive behavioural therapy combined with health coaching (nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management). 

You will also have an initial 15 minute consultation phone call to ensure suitability and more information on how the mind and body services could help you. 


FitnessTherapy session

'The 1st in the UK to combine talking therapy and exercise as online one to one sessions to improve both your mental health and physical health.'


In session the first half will be a guided exercise session based on specific goals you want to achieve. This can often include weight loss, toning, increase fitness or improve your general health. The second half of the session involves talking therapy where we explore how you think, feel and function on the road to you feeling more like you again.  

You will also get access to the mind and body therapy ‘just coach’ app platform which will give you access to healthy recipes and proven psychological exercises that research has shown can make you feel happier and more satisfied by practicing these simple

exercises. Session is 45 minutes.